‘More Dead Cops': Man Arrested After Email Threats Detail Plan to Kill Police in Portland, Maine

The email threat, which detailed a plan to "shoot and kill as many police officers as they can" came in around 8:45 a.m.

A Norwegian tourist was arrested after allegedly sending an email detailing a plan to "shoot and kill" as many police officers as possible to multiple agencies and news publications in Maine Wednesday morning.

Police say 28-year-old Espen Brungodt, a citizen of Norway, sent the threatening email and tweets, saying he planted explosives at the Cumberland County parking garage, and adding that Portland Police officers would be targeted.

"Time for more police to die...," the threat read. "I have booby trapped the garage with explosives, so don't go there. Time to take action. More dead cops."

The garage was placed on lockdown temporarily, but has since reopened. No explosives were found.

The Cumberland County Courthouse, located near the garage, was also evacuated and closed for the day.

Brungodt was arrested in a hotel room just two blocks from the police station. He had been visiting New England with his family — police say they had no idea he was sending threatening messages.

An email threat against police was sent to the Portland Press Herald in Maine Wednesday morning.

Police said this was the first time a "direct and pointed" threat was made to Portland officers. 

The police department is open for business and all officers will be working to make sure the community is safe.

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