Police: Rabid Raccoon Bites Maine Resident, Game Warden

A Maine resident who tried to illegally nurse a rabid raccoon back to health was bitten, according to police.

Police in Kennebunkport said a game warden who was trying to remove the wild animal was also bitten multiple times.

Both victims are now seeking medical treatment for rabies. It's unclear if the resident will be charged in connection with taking in the raccoon.

There have been multiple reported cases of rabid animal attacks in Maine this year, including four people being treated for rabies after a fox attack in Brunswick, a 95-year-old Brunswick man who bludgeoned a rabid fox to death with a wooden board and a rabid raccoon being drowned in a puddle by a woman after it attacked her while she was jogging in the woods in Hope.

Police remind residents to refrain from touching wild animals. Should you encounter a sick or injured animal, contact wildlife officials so they can tend to the matter.

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