Report: Maine Teens Run Away, Crash Car After Police Chase in Oklahoma

Two 17-year-olds who ran away together in Maine crashed a car in Oklahoma after a police chase, and one is fighting for her life, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office announced Thursday that Collette Boure of Standish and Alexander Meyers of Portland had run away and were considered endangered. Boure's disappearance was reported Oct. 13, and Meyers' was reported on Oct. 21.

The teens were believed to be together in a 2014 Toyota Corolla with Maine registration reading 21155T, but it was not known if they had left the state.

Monday, however, the Press Herald reported that Boure's father, Michael Grindel, was contacted by Oklahoma authorities, who said the girl had been seriously injured in a car crash after a police chase.

Meyers, according to Boure's family, was not injured and was taken away from the crash scene in handcuffs.

Boure's grandmother, Stacy Lary, told the Press Herald the girl had been flown by helicopter to Christus St. Michael's Hospital in Texarkana, Texas. Lary says Boure is in critical condition and may not survive.

"She's had multiple organ failures, a crush injury to her chest and a brain injury that she will not recover from," Lary said, according to the Press Herald. "I'm about to fly there and sit with her when they take her off the machines."

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