Maine Town Hit Hard by Last Week's Storm Braces for Yet Another

Kennebunk, Maine, is still recovering from Friday's nor'easter and is now bracing for another. The area could receive more than a foot of snow by Thursday night.

"It's just going to add insult to injury," said resident Tami York, taking in the damage on Beach Avenue on Wednesday.

The impact is evident, including washed-out roads and sidewalks and damaged seawalls.

"As soon as we get better access, we're going to be doing investigations on our sea walls, roads and culverts," said Public Services Director Eric Labelle. "There may be some compromised areas."

Beach Avenue has been closed since last Friday, and may not re-open until this Friday.

Several homes in the area have sustained serious damage.

"I think it's going to be a long time before it all gets cleaned out, and it's going to be an expense," said Kennebunk resident Rich Post.

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