Maine Water Park Slammed in Mistaken Identity Incident

A water park in Saco, Maine, is reportedly receiving a barrage of angry messages meant for a similarly-named park in Texas.

The Portland Press Herald reports that Funtown Splashtown USA is being hit with angry phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and tweets that were intended for Splasthown in San Antonio.

According to the report, the Maine water park's spokesperson did some research and found a news report out of San Antonio, in which the mother of a special needs child says the boy was heckled by employees of the other Splashtown. That story, the Press Herald reports, was then discussed by Ellen Degeneres on "Ellen" Friday, prompting viewers to show their disgust.

Funtown Splashtown spokesperson Ed Hodgdon says that unfortunately, many of those angry people are blaming the wrong park.

"They're just seeing the word 'Splashtown' and that's what they are fixating on,'" Hodgdon told the publication.

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