Man Arrested Following Police Standoff in Maine

The suspect had fled the scene of a shooting Friday morning


A Maine man was arrested following a police standoff at his home Friday afternoon.

Randall St. Pierre, 50, of Wellington, was apprehended by a Maine State Police tactical team when he exited his home around 1 p.m.

Wellington was wanted by police for his connection to an early-morning shooting that took place along Route 7 in Corinna. St. Pierre allegedly shot another man after an argument, according to police.

The suspect left the scene after the shooting in a car. Police tracked St. Pierre to his home on Beans Corner Road, but St. Pierre wasn't cooperative after police made several attempts to get him to leave the home.

St. Pierre finally left his home after police phoned for the assistance of a tactical team. Three other idividuals were present in the house at the time of the incident.

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