Man Finds $4K in Parking Lot, Returns it


What would you do if you found more than $4,000 in a parking lot? Most of us won't ever have to face that kind of decision, but that's exactly what happened to one Walmart employee in Bangor, Maine, according to necn affiliate WCSH.

Brian Cassidy was cleaning up trash in the superstore's parking lot Thursday morning when he found almost $4,400. He immediately alerted Walmart security and turned the money in to the Bangor Pollice. As it turns out, four months ago Owen Chen, a cook at Kobe restaurant across from the Walmart parking lot, dropped the money after he had cashed some checks and planned to send it home to his mother in New York. Chen asked Walmart security if their cameras showed any signs of someone finding it, but with no luck. On Thursday, Cassidy remembered Chen's report and the money was returned to its rightful owner.

"Brian Cassidy, the maintenance worker from Walmart, I spoke to him. I asked him if he thought about keeping it and he originally said well yeah of course I thought about keeping it but it wasn't who I am," said Officer Dustin Dow of the Bangor Police Department who helped Cassidy return the cash.

Dow presented Brian Cassidy with a Bangor Police challenge coin as a token of appreciation for his good deed. Dow says Chen was extremely happy and grateful to have his money returned.

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