Meth Bust Yields Two Arrests

Lab was uncovered in Aroostock County, Maine.

A man and woman have been arrested following the discovery of a methamphetamine lab in Aroostock County, Maine.

DEA officials were led to 30-year-old James Anthony's residence in Ludlow after learning of a woman who had been transported to a local hospital following an exposure to meth-cooking chemicals.

Anthony was arrested and charged with attempted manufacturing of the drug. Police say they later searched his car and found a significant amount of evidence consistent with meth manufacturing.

Kayla Nason, 25, of Houlton, was arrested and charged with unlawful trafficking of the drug. Nason was the woman treated for chemical burns, police say.

The incident marks the 26th meth lab incident officials have responded to this year and sixth in Aroostock County, officials say.

The incident continues to remain under investigation.

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