Missing Maine Kayaker Found Safe

NBC Connecticut

A kayaker who went missing Wednesday morning off Maine was found safe Thursday morning.

According to the Coast Guard, they received a distress call three times over the radio around 10:15 a.m. Wednesday by Adrian Cerezo.

It was believed the Cerezo fell out of his kayak in the vicinity of Bois Bubert Island.

The search lasted all day Wednesday until it was suspended for the night. 

A Maine Fisheries and Wildlife officer heard the audio clip of the mayday call and identified the voice as that of Cerezo.

Cerezo later spoke to the Coast Guard and said a wave originally knocked him out of his kayak. He wasn't sure if anyone heard his radio call and swam to Bois Bubert Island, where he got back in his kayak and paddled back.

No injuries were reported and Cerezo was wearing winter gear and a life jacket.

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