Moose on the Loose in Maine

Police say the animal has been spotted in downtown Berwick

A moose is on the loose in southern Maine, and it may have walked across the New Hampshire border.

The Berwick Police Department posted a photo of the moose on its Facebook page, asking drivers to be alert. That has prompted other people to report moose sightings all over town this week.

"My son told me he saw a horse," said Daniel Hotaling. His two sons were pointing to something out of the window, in their backyard.

"The moose was in our bushes, then it turned and started to walk down the street," said Hotaling.

Hotaling took video of the moose sighting with his cell phone.

"This is actually my first moose in all the time I've lived in New England," he said.

Game wardens are asking people to use extra caution when driving along Maine roadways this time of year.

According to Warden Mike Joy, moose and deer come out of the woods this time of year in search of green grass, and sometimes they find themselves far from home.

"The moose is kind of scared," said Joy. "It doesn't know where to go because of all the people."

Joy said anyone who sees a moose and wants to take a picture of it should only do so at a safe distance.

"Moose are friendly, but if you get a 500 pound moose that wants to go where you're standing, the moose is going to win," said Joy.

Meanwhile, several residents posted messages on the Berwick Police Department Facebook page describing their encounters with the animal on Tuesday.

"Haha, he was on the loose this morning!" wrote Laura Babineau Costello. "Felt like an idiot telling dispatch that he was headed to the Town Hall."

"I had to stop and wait for it to cross Old Pine Hill Road (before Farwells) at 6am this morning," Chris Holmes wrote.

"Saw this Moose at 8am today," wrote Michael Chambers. "Running through the neighborhood by Prime."

Bernadette Raffone Cwiertniewicz also said she saw the moose on Monday at Hatfield's Pond.

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