Mysterious Rash Closes Two Middle School Classrooms in Maine

A mysterious rash has puzzled doctors, and prompted the closure of two classrooms inside a middle school in Farmingdale, Maine.

Two teachers at Hall-Dale Middle School reported that they had developed a rash last week, according to Principal Mark Tinkham. Those teachers have side-by-side classrooms, which have now been closed for environmental testing.

No students have shown similar symptoms.

“That is the plus, but we’re still concerned about the staff,” said Tinkham.

The teachers were evaluated by a doctor, but no cause could be determined. They have returned to work, but have moved to different classrooms.

Tinkham said the school district has hired an industrial hygienist to perform air quality testing in both classrooms, as well as in the area outside the building. According to school records, the engineer is testing for issues such as mold, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, as well as measuring humidity and air temperature.

The school sent an email to all middle school parents last week. Several parents told necn Tuesday that they are satisfied with the school’s response, but still want answers.

“I’m nervous, and a little bit scared,” said parent Lucinda Marino. “If they knew what it was, I wouldn’t be so concerned. We’d know exactly what to do to keep it from spreading.”

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