New Antibiotic Discovered in Bucket of Dirt

Researchers at Northeastern University say the new antibiotic shows early promise

A bucket of dirt from a field in Maine is generating a lot of excitement from scientists across the globe.

Researchers at Northeastern University say they have discovered a new antibiotic in the dirt sample that shows early promise.

The antibiotic, teixobactin, is effective against deadly pathogens like tuberculosis and MRSA.

Scientists were also surprised to see the pathogens weren't able to develop a resistance to the antibiotic.

According to lead researcher Kim Lewis, PhD, Director of the Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University, "I like everyone else believed that bacteria will rapidly develop resistance to any microbial compound, turned out not to be the case."

The scientists used a new technology to grow the soil bacteria in a lab which could open the door to a whole new world of antibiotics.

The sample from Maine was dug up by a researcher who was in the state on vacation. Researchers will only say it was found in a grassy field somewhere near the coast.

Any drug from this newly discovered antibiotic is at least five years away.

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