Organizers Scramble After Death of Country Music Star

The sudden death of a country music star has sent concert organizers in Maine scrambling. 

County duo Montgomery Gentry was scheduled to headline the Oxford County Fair in Oxford, Maine, this Saturday, until singer Troy Gentry died in a helicopter crash in New Jersey last week. 

“Very sad, very sad,” said fan Bruce Cox. “They were the best [the fair] was ever going to have.” 

The Saturday night show typically draws close to nine thousand people, and is the fair’s biggest event. Ticket sales help pay the fair’s bills, and thousands of dollars are set aside to be donated to the Moss Brook Church to run a community charity. 

“All of that money goes into our community fund, which feeds people, gives them assistance with their rent, or heating,” said pastor Tim Knowles. “It makes a huge impact.” 

He estimates that the Oxford County Fair donation amounts to at least $5,000 for the community each year. 

“We’re on pins and needles, saying ‘what are we going to do?’” said fair organizer Heath Poland. “It’s a big hole you’ve got to try and fill,” he said. 

Since then, the fair has announced that Randy Houser will be the new headliner.

“Hopefully people still come,” said Cox. “The fair needs it. The community needs it.” 

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