PD: Man Broke Into Apartments, Stole Food, Showered

Todd LeGrand of Dover, New Hampshire, is facing burglary and theft charges

Todd LeGrand
Berwick Police

A man in Berwick, Maine is accused of a bizarre set of crimes.

Police arrested 53-year-old Todd LeGrand of Dover, New Hampshire, after they say he broke into two apartment units on School Street.

LeGrand allegedly drank beer, ate food, showered, changed into one resident's clothes and stole money.

According to Detective Ron Lund, LeGrand got into the apartments by climbing into unlocked windows. When he left, they say he went next door to a barn full of horses.

According to witnesses, LeGrand fed and watered the horses, let them out of the pens and corralled them into one area.

When a witness tried to confront him in the barn, he chased the person out, claiming to be friends with the horses' owner.

"We think there are mental health issues," said Detective Lund.

He was arrested and taken to York County Jail, charged with several counts of breaking and entering and theft.

This isn't the first time LeGrand was arrested this week. He was picked up on a warrant on Monday and released on jail Wednesday.

The next morning, he allegedly took a cab ride from Sanford to North Berwick and left without paying the driver. He has been charged with theft of services in that incident.

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