Pit Bull That Killed 7-Year-Old Maine Boy Attacked Previous Owner's Dog ‘Several Times'

Hunter Bragg was killed on June 4 after the dog bit him in the throat

An animal control officer's report obtained by the Portland Press Herald said the pit bull that killed a 7-year-old Maine boy had a previous history of violent attacks.

The dog bite report says the dog had attacked its previous owner's other dog "several times" in the past. It also details how Hunter Bragg died, saying he was killed when the dog bit him in the throat.

Bragg was playing in the yard at 207 Moody's Mill Road in Corinna, Maine, at 5:15 p.m. on June 4 with two other children when the dog attacked him. The boy was already dead when first responders arrived at the scene. No one else was injured.

Hunter's father, 35-year-old Jason Bragg of Bangor, was in the residence at the time. The dog's owner, Gary Merchant, 45, of Corinna, was also inside.

The boy's death remains under investigation. The pit bull has since been euthanized at its owner's request.

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