Plow Truck Driver Responsible for Most of Maine Town Quits

Town officials say Peter Smith was responsible for plowing two-thirds of Parsonsfield

Plow problems persist in Parsonsfield, Maine — a small town in York County, where the only plow truck driver for most of the municipality has quit.

“It’s an emergency situation,” said Select Board member Tiffany Brendt. Many roads are still packed with snow from last week’s nor’reaster, and more snow is on the way this week.

Brendt said contractor Peter Smith was responsible for plowing two-thirds of the town, but his truck broke down while attempting to plow a foot of snow.

“He just couldn’t do the job,” she said.

Now, residents like Gary Taylor are trying to plow out their own way out of their houses.

“We’re in a tough situation,” Taylor said, adding that he thinks his road should be posted and closed due to poor conditions. “It’s a liability.”

Taylor said he is worried about school buses and EMS vehicles being able to get around.

There will be a public meeting for town officials and residents to discuss the issue at Parsonsfield Town Hall Tuesday night. Brendt said other plow truck drivers have been pitching in, as a temporary solution.

“Roads will get plowed, sanded and salted,” she assured.

necn was able to reach Peter Smith by phone Tuesday, but he declined to be interviewed — instead referring to his mechanic, and “spokesman,” Heath Edgerly.

“Bad luck and old vehicles led to this conclusion,” said Edgerly. He called the Parsonsfield contract for plowing “antiquated,” because drivers need two AWD or four-wheel drive plow trucks. Edgerly said drivers need to special order the type of equipment the town requires, and the town awarded the contract too late for Smith to do so.

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