Police Look Into New Allegations Against Principal in Maine

Police are investigating new reports against a school principal who was accused of asking a student for sex

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The Waterville, Maine, Police Department is investigating new reports against Don Reiter, a high school principal who was already accused of asking a student for sex.

The Police Chief Joseph Massey said that Reiter's former high school students in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, have been calling the Waterville Police saying that the principal exhibited similar behavior when he was working there.

Reiter's attorney, Gregg Frame, issued a statement on Nov. 15.

It read, "I certainly find it curious that these new allegations (whatever they are) come up the weekend before the board is to continue deliberations on Don's dismissal Monday, and that there is nothing similar from Waterville or Buckfield (a decade plus) after 2.5 months of investigating Don. The superintendent has 2.5 months to prepare his case with the police cooperating fully. They were able to produce nothing other than a single uncorroborated allegation. This is just further evidence in my mind of the superintendent and police trying to find what they can to support their theory of the case, as opposed to dealing in facts. I also find frustrating that the Waterville police see fit to communicate freely with the media about these allegations and other matters related to the case, yet have refused my requests to meet with the throughout. We'll obviously need to know more about these latest but severely dated allegation in order to speak more clearly about them."

The Superintendent, Eric Haley, has recommended that Reiter be fired from his position.

According to the school's attorney, Reiter asked a female student on Aug. 27 to have sex with him. He reportedly invited the student into his office, closed the door then told her, "Every year I choose one student to have sex with, and this year, I've picked you."

Melissa Hewey said they evidence will show that Reiter told the girl that he has never been turned down before and the student was shocked and did not know how to respond.

According to Hewey, when the student tried to leave his office, he told her that if she told anyone what he had said, she would not graduate.

However, Reiter's attorney, Frame, said the evidence will show the allegations are false and that the situation never happened. Frame told the school board that the student was not on track to graduate and Reiter was trying to help her.

According to Frame, Reiter told him that the girl put her hand on Reiter's thigh and told him he was attractive.

The board then went into executive session. Bryan Dench, the attorney for the board, explained that law requires certain information involving students to be confidential.

It is unknown if the board would emerge from closed session before 10 p.m., the deadline set for the Nov. 17 session. It is set to continue at 1:30 on November 18.


  • 11/12/15 - Chief Joseph Massey authorizes Detective Sgt. Bonney to conduct an investigation into new information to determine if it is credible.
  • 11/12/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney is contacted by two former students of Mascenic Regional High School who alleged or was familiar with inappropriate behavior by Donald Reiter, including conduct that was substantially similar to that alleged by the Waterville victim.
  • 11/12/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney speaks with a student who alleges that she had an inappropriate relationship with Donald Reiter and that student’s mother later called to confirm the relationship based on letters written to the then 17-year-old female student.
  • 11/13/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney traveled to New Ipswich, New Hampshire, to further the investigation, which had now been re-opened due to new information.
  • 11/13/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney spoke with staff from Mascenic Regional High School, the mother of the aforementioned 17-year-old, and a former student who disclosed an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Reiter, which culminated in a sexual relationship during her senior year or just after graduation.
  • 11/14/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney receives 147 pages of letters purportedly written by Reiter based on Reiter’s name on the address line to the aforementioned 17-year-old female student of Mascenic Regional High School. The letters frequently reference his love for her, their "taboo" relationship, a kiss that they shared, and other very personal comments.
  • 11/14/15 - Detective Sgt. Bonney learns that the Waterville Morning Sentinel is also receiving tips regarding this case and Reiter’s alleged inappropriate behavior.
  • 11/15/15 - Chief Massey is told by Detective Sgt. Bonney that the Waterville Morning Sentinel sent him an email asking if he was aware of the allegations against Reiter from former New Hampshire students.
  • 11/15/15 – Chief Massey contacts the Waterville Morning Sentinel confirming that we are aware and looking into the allegations from former New Hampshire students against Reiter.
  • 11/16/15 – Detective Sgt. Bonney was contacted by the New Ipswich, New Hampshire, police chief requesting we forward our reports to his office for review and possible action by his department.
  • 11/16/15 – Detective Sgt. Bonney informs Chief Massey there are still two former Mascenic Regional High School students that he needs to interview regarding the allegations against Reiter.
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