Police: Man Arrested After Shot Fired Inside Maine Walmart

Shot fire Maine Walmart

Police in Maine say a man was taken into custody Monday night after a shot was fired inside the Walmart in Augusta.

Authorities said the suspect walked into the store with a firearm around 8 p.m. and got into a confrontation with another man who was trying to disarm him.

According to police, one shot was fired but no injuries were reported.

Augusta Police Deputy Chief Jared Mills said the suspect was taken into custody after an officer who was nearby responded to the scene.

Police said it did not appear the suspect and the man inside the store knew each other.

Mills told WCSH-TV that a preliminary investigation seems to conclude that the suspect was not in the store "to do a lot of harm."

Police are reviewing surveillance video which captured the altercation and are reviewing a number of witnesses.

Mills said it's unfortunate to have to deal with these types of incidents.

"Ten years ago this wasn't something we were dealing with on a day-to-day basis," Mills told WCSH-TV. "Certainly not here in Augusta, Maine — it's a very safe community and we don't have a lot of this happening."

The man taken into custody has not yet been identified. It's unclear what charges he will face.

In a separate incident outside the store, Mills said a woman died. The medical examiner's office is working to determine her cause of death.

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