Police Officer Gets Girl New Basketball Hoop After Hers is Stolen

Westbrook, Maine, police officer Jeff Stackpole is being congratulated for a job well done

Kate Allerding Westbrook Police Basketball Hoop
Kate Allerding/Westbrook Police

A police department in Maine is publicly recognizing one of their officers after he coordinated efforts to get a girl a new basketball hoop after hers was stolen.

Westbrook Police are honoring Officer Jeff Stackpole for a job well done.

Officer Stackpole was dispatched on Tuesday to the Allerding residence for a theft complaint. He learned that six-year-old Penelope's recently purchased hoop was stolen from her driveway.

After canvassing the area, Officer Stackpole was unable to locate the hoop. So, he coordinated efforts with the police department and Toys R' Us in order to obtain a brand new hoop for Penelope and her 12-year-old brother Shanon.

The Allerding family took to Facebook to express their gratitude.

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