Police Searching for Lewd Acts Suspect Near Bowdoin College

"If I lived in that area, I'd be concerned that somebody was walking around doing this in the middle of the night."

Police in Brunswick, Maine, are searching for a man seen with his pants down committing a lewd act on a street corner near Bowdoin College early Thursday morning.

The incident happened at the intersection of Belmont and Oakland streets, according to Brunswick Patrol Commander Marc Hagan.

He said a campus patrol officer driving with a student spotted the man, who was squatting with his pants around his ankles. The man left the area before police could stop him.

"If I lived in that area, I'd be concerned that somebody was walking around doing this in the middle of the night," said Hagan.

He said the suspect is described as a man in his late teens or early 20s, with facial hair, wearing all dark clothing.

While it happened off campus, it was near the Mayflower Apartments, an off-campus student housing complex where a student reported being sexually assaulted by a random intruder last fall.

"We don't have anything that ties it to the incidents that took place in the fall," said Hagan, but reminded students to stay vigilant.

"I think the campus does a good job keeping us safe, but some people don't feel safe walking back home at night," said Bowdoin student John Medina, who lives in the Mayflower apartments.

He said some students have even moved to different housing due to safety concerns.

Brunswick residents who live near the area say they are also feeling concerned about the off-campus incidents.

"It's not tolerable," said Debbie Hamilton. "I never feel safe without pepper spray."

Earlier this school year, two students reported being grabbed by men while walking home at night. A sex offender from Bath, Maine was charged with secretly recording videos of students through their windows.

"It affects everybody, whether they're in the college, or not in the college," said Hamilton.

A statement from the Bowdoin College Director of Safety and Security stressed that this latest incident did not take place on the campus, or in front of the Mayflower apartments.

"We have no reason to believe that there is a threat to the campus community but, as always, we will continue to patrol areas near Bowdoin student residences and report any suspicious behavior to local police," said Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Brunswick Police.

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