Police Seek 2 Who Helped Save Woman After Fiery Crash

A Maine sheriff's department has been searching for two people involved in a car crash -- not because they're in trouble, but because deputies want to thank them.

Tuesday morning, driver Alicia Szostak swerved to miss a deer on Route 35 in Naples. Her car slammed into a tree and burst into flames.

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department, witnesses reported seeing two people pull up in a white SUV.

"She remembers hearing a car screeching, and then she heard people run over [saying] 'we're going to get you out,'" said Ashley Szostak, Alicia's husband.

Her car was turned on its side, and Szostak was stuck in her seat belt. One of the good Samaritans reached into the burning car and helped her get out just in time.

"The whole car is just melted," said Ashley Szostak. "If she was in there for any longer, she would have been so much worse."

Shortly after deputies arrived to the scene, the Good Samaritans left. No one got their names.

"I'd like to say thank you to the gentlemen who helped," said Ashley Szostak.

He said Alicia Szostak is recovering from several broken bones, but once she is able to thank the rescuers, she wants to meet them in person.

Cumberland County Sheriff Captain Scott Stewart said his department was able to identify the rescuers Wednesday.

Stewart said father Kenneth Carruthers and son Joseph Carruthers live near the scene of the crash and heard it happen. Kenneth got a fire extinguisher from a neighbor, while Joseph got into the back seat. Both helped get Szostak out of the vehicle.

"I know not everyone would jump into a burning car to help a stranger," said Joseph Carruthers. "To be honest, I never even gave it a thought at the time. All I could think of is getting her out of the car before things got any worse."

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