Police: Suspects Ran Over Elderly Woman’s Walker With ATV

houlton walker
Houlton Police Department

Police in Houlton, Maine, are searching for the suspects who used an ATV to run over an elderly woman's walker.

According to Houlton Police, a 78-year-old woman left her walker in her yard briefly on Friday while she went to the store. When she returned home, she found that her walker had been ran over by an ATV. Police say the ATV tracks show a repetitive and circular pattern, suggesting that the suspects ran over the walker multiple times to ensure it was damaged beyond repair.

Houlton Police are asking for the public to contact them if they witnessed two male suspects on a black ATV between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Friday. They may have been in the Lincoln Street or Riverfront Park trail area.

"Or, if you're the...person or persons who perpetrated this heinous crime, maybe even by 'accident' and you want to man up and take responsibility for damaging this elderly lady's only walker, please give us a call or stop by," the Houlton Police department added in their Facebook post.

A member of the public donated a replacement walker to the victim. 

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