Protesters in Augusta, Lewiston and Portland, Maine, Urge Opposition to Senate GOP Health Bill

Protesters across Maine are vocalizing their opposition of the Senate Health Care Bill to Senator Susan Collins.

In Augusta, Lewiston, and Portland, Maine, small groups of protesters have been standing outside Senator Susan Collins’ offices, urging her to vote against the Senate GOP Health Care bill.

They plan to gather again in Augusta Friday night, to stage a protest outside of a hotel where the Senator will attend a private event.

“We want better health care, not worse,” said Leah Postman, who organized a protest outside of Sen. Collins’ office in Augusta.

The moderate Republican has voiced her concerns about the health care bill, but has stopped short of announcing opposition.

“I want to see the CBO analysis because I don’t know the exact impact yet,” Sen. Collins told NBC’s Chuck Todd, during an appearance on Meet the Press Daily on Thursday.

“I cannot support a bill that will greatly increase premiums for older Americans…or result in tens of millions of people losing their health insurance,” she said.

There are a handful of Republican Senators who have announced their opposition to the bill, and if Senator Collins joins them, it would greatly increase the bill’s chances of defeat.

Campaigns on social media have been directing people to call Senator Collins’ offices about health care, and calls have been coming in from around the country.

“Average Americans need to speak out, and now is the time to do it,” said Ray Richardson, a conservative commentator on WLOB radio in Portland.

Richardson say Collins is facing pressure from both the left and the right. He would like her to strongly state her position.

“Senator Collins, I’d love to see you come out, and define your principles and then argue for them – whether I agree with them or not,” said Richardson. “But sort of sitting back, getting the attention you apparently want, without saying much, isn’t helping anyone.”

Richardson said he doesn’t believe the Senate GOP health care plan is perfect, but thinks it’s a step in the right direction.

“No logical mind in America can say the Affordable Care Act is sustainable,” he said.

But protesters calling on Senator Collins to save the ACA say it has made a difference for millions of Americans – and they say she can make a difference in the health care debate in the Senate.

“I’d like her to come out strongly in support of improving health care and improving access for all Mainers,” said Postman.

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