Rabid Raccoon Drowned by Maine Woman After Attack

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Brett Gay

A Maine woman drowned a rabid raccoon in a puddle after it attacked her while she was jogging in the woods.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Rachel Borch, 21, said she was forced to kill the animal when it bit her thumb and wouldn’t let go. It had blocked her way on the foot path in Hope before lunging at her and attacking.

She couldn’t find a way to release the raccoon’s grip, and couldn’t bring herself to attack it herself, so she stuck her hand into a nearby puddle until the animal drowned to death.

Her father retrieved the animal and wrapped it in a dog food bag before handing it over to the Maine Warden Service.

The raccoon tested positive for rabies, and Borch has received multiple shots since the attack as a precaution.

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