Rare Calico Lobster Caught Off Maine Coast

The University of Maine's Lobster Institute says calico lobsters only occur once in every 30 million lobsters

A Maine lobsterman caught an exceptionally rare calico lobster off the coast of Scarborough this weekend.

Anthony Belanger says he and his bosses have never seen a lobster like it in their decades in the business. The Kennebec Journal reports the lobster currently resides at Belanger's workplace, Scarborough Fish & Lobster.

Belanger says the owners aren't sure if they will sell the lobster or donate it to the University of New England. They've named the lobster Friendly Krueger, a reference to the horror movie character Freddy Krueger due to the lobster's Halloween-like calico coloration.

According to the University of Maine's Lobster Institute, calico lobsters are very rare -- occurring about once in every 30 million lobsters.

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