School Bus Slides Off Road in Buxton, Maine During Snowy Conditions

A school bus went off the road on the way to school in Buxton, Maine Monday morning, as a snow storm coated the roads and made travel conditions slick.

The students were on their way to Bonny Eagle High School and Middle School in Standish, Maine, according to MSAD 6 Superintendent Frank Sherburne..

No students were injured. They had to evacuate the bus and wait for another vehicle to pick them up along Route 22.

"We probably shouldn't have had school," said Bonny Eagle High School student Jared Geaumont. "A lot of the other districts didn't have school."

Students and parents said they were surprised the district didn't call a snow day.

"To be completely honest, I have no idea what was going through my Superintendent's head," said student Kiyah Noel, who had a rough commute driving to the high school Monday. "No one is really that happy about it."

Superintendent Sherburne said it was a decision he did not take lightly, and one he thought was appropriate for the forecast.

"Based on the information that [a local meterologist] gave us, we were only supposed to get an inch or two of snow, and it was supposed to be over by mid-morning," said Sherburne.

"We made the best decision that we could with the information that we had," he said. "Clearly, that information was an error."

By the afternoon, the Standish area received at least five inches of snow.

"[The roads] weren't that good," said Howard Liberty, who has children who attend a nearby school on a snow day.

"It's a tough call to make, but I air on the side of safety," said Liberty. "When it comes to kids, I air on the side of safety."

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