Maine pileup

Dozens of Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup in Maine; Injuries Reported

One person with serious injuries who was flown to a hospital

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Dozens of vehicles were involved in a massive pileup crash on Interstate 95 near Carmel, Maine Tuesday morning that left one person with serious injuries and others hurt, authorities said.

Maine State Police said some 30 vehicles were involved in the crash on Interstate 95 north by mile marker 174, which occurred at around 7:45 a.m.

One person was transported to a Bangor hospital with serious injuries and a multiple others suffered injuries, state police said.

Initial reports suggest "blinding sun" caused the crash that began the chain reaction, state police said.

"That sun was bright — it was a bright orange," said Sid Bizeau, whose truck was disabled after getting hit in the front and back. "You could hear cars hitting left and right."

Several hundred motorists were stranded behind the the scene, until the highway reopened late Tuesday morning.

Authorities said both northbound lanes reopened around 11:15 a.m. Commuters were earlier advised to seek alternate routes.

News Center Maine reported several people were injured, citing police.

Earlier, state police said up to 60 vehicles had been involved, but they later revised the number.

Maine State Police say they spent hours Tuesday trying to pinpoint the exact collision that began the chain reaction.

They've already conducted a number of interviews and taken pictures on the ground and from above to map the crash.

Anyone who has information about what triggered the chain reaction or witnessed the crash is asked to call the Maine State Police barracks in Bangor at 207-973-3700.

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