Student Files for Protection Order Against Teacher After Alleged Sex Abuse

A Kennebunk, Maine, high school student has filed a protection from abuse order against his health teacher, alleging that the two had a sexual relationship after school and inside the classroom. 

A judge granted the protection order this week, and Kennebunk Police confirm they have opened a criminal investigation. 

According to court documents, the student, who is a minor, told multiple adults that he and his teacher had sexual encounters in the classroom, at her home, and in her car. 

The complaint states that the student attempted suicide earlier this month, and told a nurse at Maine Medical Center that he was upset about a girl. When pressed further, he allegedly said the loved the teacher, and felt that she used him. 

“These are difficult situations for everyone involved,” said RSU 21 Superintendent Kathryn Hawes. She said the school district takes staff and student safety seriously, and is working with DHHS, the Department of Education, and the Kennebunk Police Department to investigate. 

Hawes said the teacher has been placed on leave. 

An attorney for the teacher said she “strenuously denies the allegations contained in the complaint filed in the civil matter.” 

Attorney Kristine Hanly said her client only agreed to the no-contact order because she has no reason to contact the student. 

“[The teacher] in no way admitted to the allegations by agreeing to a no-contact order,” said Hanly. “The court merely formalized the parties’ agreement of no-contact without making any findings of fact. These allegations are entirely untested and unproven.” 

The protection order will keep the teacher away from the student for two years. 

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