Tropical Storm Jose Makes Waves in Maine

Tropical Storm Jose may be in Southern New England, but the system is still making waves in Maine.

The coast is under a high surf advisory, with swells up to fifteen feet expected in the Gulf of Maine.

"For surfing, this is about as good as it gets," said Scott Furr, a surfer who spent Wednesday at Higgins Beach.

Surfer Wesley Moseman said Jose’s track makes for the perfect storm — just far enough away to spare Maine from severe weather, but close enough to send some high surf.

"The fact that it’s off shore is really nice, because it’s just producing all this swell coming in," he said.

But cruise lines are being cautious. Two smaller ships, the Pearl Mist and the Independence, spent extra nights in Portland’s protected harbor this week instead of heading north as planned.

"I was a little bit apprehensive about it," said David Johns, a cruise ship passenger from Texas.

He and his wife just went through Hurricane Harvey, and couldn’t believe another hurricane could hit during their vacation.

"I was really pretty aggravated about it," said Johns' wife, Mary Pat. "We’ve just been saying 'no way, Jose!'"

The Johns said they don’t expect this tropical storm to bring more than some rocky seas, as their cruise ship heads to Boston.

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