Welcome to the Hotel Crypt

On the outside, the Inn at the Agora in Lewiston, Maine, is a charming boutique hotel. But it's what lies below that makes this hotel one of a kind.

From the hours of 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., hotel guests can climb inside a coffin and enjoy a night in the crypt.

Whether they watch a scary movie, or enjoy a bottle of "bloodeau" red wine, hotel owner Andrew Knight hopes it's a more than a scary experience.

The crypt is under the St. Patrick's Church. The dying wish of the church's founder, Monseigneur Thomas Wallace, was to be buried there. And so his body stayed and decomposed in the crypt until the church was de-consecrated in 2009.

While this is the original crypt and it still has the original headstone for Wallace, it isn't the original coffin. It was built specifically so there would be room for two.

But neither the hotel owner nor the crypt keeper have been brave enough to spend a night in it themselves.

With blankets and pillows inside, lying down in the coffin is more comfortable than you'd think - that is, until you close the coffin lid.

Staying in the hotel crypt can be both creepy and oddly calming. It forces its guests to confront the idea of the afterlife and, in a way, helps them rest in peace.

You have to be a guest at the Inn at the Agora to reserve a night in the crypt. Prices start at $450 a night - and checkout is at 2 a.m.

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