Wrong Number: Maine Woman Getting Calls Meant for L.L. Bean Heiress

The controversy surrounding Linda Bean, her family’s company L.L. Bean, and Donald Trump, is now impacting a woman in Waldoboro, Maine.

Fontana Jackson’s cell phone number is two digits off from a number listed on the Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine website.

Last week, when Linda Bean came under fire for a donation she made to Trump’s campaign, people started calling Jackson’s number asking for Linda.

“I didn’t think anything of it, just people have wrong numbers sometimes,” she said.

But then the phone calls kept coming — some from Maine, others from Michigan, Oregon, Ohio, and Wyoming.

The calls coincided with the growing controversy. An online group called “Grab Your Wallet” called for a boycott of L.L. Bean, because of Linda’s donation. Then, the President-Elect posted a tweet supporting Linda Bean, tagging her “Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine” business on Twitter.

That’s when Jackson said more people started calling, trying to order her products.

“It was definitely time consuming,” she said. “Most of the calls were during work hours so it kind of gets in the way of my job.”

She said none of the callers left messages, and most were civil — but disappointed to not be able to reach Linda Bean.

“A lot of them seem very aggravated when they sigh and just say thanks and hang up,” said Jackson.

She is surprised that a controversy of this magnitude would end up impacting her in this way — but so far, is taking it all in stride.

“If it continues, I will probably end up changing my number,” she said.

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