Let’s Try That Again


Felt skunked by clouds and a stalled front today. Sure, I smelled a rat in the weather models yesterday, but I still thought the warm front would get out of Massachusetts today.

Instead it stalled and limped north of the border after nightfall. Lot of good that did for the temps. Thankfully, we're able to wait this one out as highs soar tomorrow with increasing sun.

Yes, we start with clouds again, but this time it's different.

No really. A passing cool front will mix in mild air and kick the clouds offshore early on. As its name suggests, the cooler air will settle in for the final two days of the workweek. And that means we'll trade our near 80 degree temperatures in for 60s...and eventually 50s by the weekend.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. How about a healthy dose of rain too? We're watching a developing tropical system northeast of the Bahamas today. No, I'm not thinking we'll see a direct hit from this (potentially Tropical Storm Otto in a few days), but like we saw with Matthew, a stream of tropical moisture may get caught in our flow off the ocean, and voila...heavy rain comes to our backyards and neighborhoods.

It's more than mere fantasy at this point. It's actually a solid threat in the Friday time frame. Question is, does it sweep into Maine or first move into Massachusetts? As you might imagine, placement is an issue this far out.

We're on it like puddles in a downpour.

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