Landlord Accused of Kicking, Killing 17-Year-Old Dog

Police in Keene, New Hampshire, say a man kicked and killed a 17-year-old dog when it tried to relieve itself in his yard.

Toby Tousley, 55, faces an animal cruelty charge after allegedly kicking Teddy to death.

It's been a strange four days for Teddy's owner, Bill LaPlante, and his family.

"He meant a lot to us, he was our baby," LaPlante told necn Wednesday.

They've spent 17 years snuggling with their five-pound dog, but not anymore.

"I came over and he was laying on the ground dead with his tongue hanging out," LaPlante said.

LaPlante says Saturday afternoon, Teddy ran into his neighbor's yard and started going to the bathroom.

That's when LaPlante claims his landlord killed his dog.

"Instead of coming to see me, he decided to go up and kick him like a football, and he got him right in the rib cage right there," LaPlante recalled.

Police charged Tousley, the property manager and a former Keene City Council candidate, with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

LaPlante says with the dead dog in his arms, he confronted Tousley.

"I went in and told him, 'Look what you just did to my dog,'" said LaPlante. "He didn't say sorry, he didn't say nothing."

Tousley told necn over the phone there's been an ongoing issue with LaPlante leaving his dogs off-leash. Tousley says Saturday, Teddy and another dog started attacking him.

"This really has nothing to do with a dog taking a dump on my lawn," Tousley said. "The dogs are running loose and snapping and biting and trying to run at you and every time you turn around they come closer."

When we asked whether Tousley actually kicked the dog, he replied, "You know, I am just going to refrain from making comments because I am really concerned about protecting myself."

LaPlante just wishes he had the chance to protect his dog.

"He was never a bad dog, everyone would walk by and pat him, he would never hurt a flea," LaPlante said.

A lot of people in the city say LaPlante should have had his dog on a leash but also send their condolences for his loss.

Tousley is seeking legal counsel. He is due back in court Dec. 10.

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