Man Arrested For Taking Multiple Upskirt Videos

Witnesses observed man filming unsuspecting female

A man in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, has been taken into custody after police responded to a report of a someone taking pictures of young girls.

Two witnesses observed Carlos Deoliveira following multiple young and teenage girls. They say Deoliveira was attempting to film under the girl's skirts.

Responding officers approached Deoliveira and asked if he had been taking pictures. Deoliveira denied such accusations.

Deoliveira then allowed police to look through his phone. They immediately discovered a video showing Deoliveira walking up behind a female in a short skirt and filming her. The female in the video was unaware of what was happening.

The phone was confiscated by police. Deoliveira was taken into custody based on the video and statements from the two witnesses.

After agreeing to take part in an interview at Oaks Bluff Police Station, Deoliveira told a detective, "It was stupid. I saw the girl and I filmer her."

Deoliveira admitted to filming 10 other girls after the detective threatened to obtain a search warrant to look through the rest of his phone.

The detective asked Deoliveira if he could search the phone without a warrant. He declined and asked for a lawyer.

Two search warrants were obtained. One permitted the seizure of Deoliveira's phone. The second authorized the examination of all the data on the phone. 14 up-skirt video files from an array of locations were discovered on the phone.

Deoliveira faces multiple counts of photographing an unsuspected nude person.

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