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Man Threatens Workers, Drives by Former Workplace With Loaded Rifle: Police

29-year-old Corey Godinez, of Derry, was arrested Friday, one day after he allegedly made violent threats toward his former co-workers at LifeLine Ambulance Service in Merrimack, New Hampshire

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Merrimack police say a man accused of threatening former co-workers has been arrested after he drove by his former workplace with a loaded semiautomatic rifle and handgun in his car.

Twenty-nine-year-old Corey Godinez, of Derry, was arrested Friday as police were investigating the threats at the LifeLine Ambulance Service where he used to work.

Corey Godinez, of Derry, New Hampshire

Police say Godinez threatened employees Thursday and suggested to one that "he had enough firepower to take people out, and that he did not care how many people had to get hurt."

Police captain Matthew Tarleton says Godinez "talked about mowing the place down."

Merrimack police rushed to the scene after the information was reported to them, and officers were on scene Friday investigating the matter when Godinez was spotted circling near the facility.

"The timing of it was really unbelievable," Tarleton said.

Godinez was stopped and detained by police who discovered that he had weapons in his vehicle. He was subsequently taken into custody.

While executing a search warrant for the suspect's vehicle, officers seized a loaded five shot revolver as well as an AR-15 style rifle with multiple loaded magazines, as well as additional ammunition.

An AR-15 style rifle, a handgun and ammunition found in the suspect's car are now in the custody of the Merrimack Police Department

"I think based on the reported state of mind, the threats that he made, the overt act of actually driving there with the firearms in the car, I don't think it's a stretch to think that our officers might have prevented an active shooter event from taking place there," Capt. Tarleton said.

In a statement to NBC10 Boston, Lifeline Ambulance Service confirmed Godinez no longer works for the company.

"We cannot comment further on internal personnel matters," the statement read. "We appreciate the work of the Merrimack Police and are cooperating fully with their investigation."

NBC10 Boston went to Godinez's residence Saturday night where his family declined to comment.

Godinez is facing multiple charges including criminal threatening, attempted first- and second-degree assault, harassment, and loitering or prowling.

He was held on preventative detention and is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court South. It was not immediately known if Godinez is being represented by an attorney.

Merrimack police are reminding the public that the big take away from this incident is how important it is to report this type of information to authorities.

"Had that person not reported it and sat on it and not done the right thing, we might be having a different conversation right now," Capt. Tarleton said.

An investigation is ongoing.

NBC10 Boston and the Associated Press
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