March Really Has Gone Mad! 70s Move In.

Brian Bostrom

No one will fault you for cheering the demise of winter, but with 70s in the forecast, folks are a little nervous.

Is it too soon? What does it mean? Will summer be a bummer?

Too soon to start writing checks our forecasts can't cash. What is known is that the warm weather in the west - that has been festering for the entire month of February - has dislodged and moved east. It's a whole pattern change across the Lower 48 that puts Old Man Winter on permanent bed rest and greens the lawns and sprouts the flowers in New England.

As you can see in the graphic, we're not thinking we'll crush the record highs, but perhaps just touch them. Southwest winds this time of year can cap the temperatures in the 60s to "only" near 70 east of I-95 (or more specifically, east of the Boston to Providence line). And it goes without saying that in this setup the Cape and Islands will be cooler - expect highs only in the 50s.

What we are certain of is the end game on this little early summer soiree. A cool front will swing through Thursday night and bring the chilly air back by the end of the week. In fact, there's a chance we might even finish with some wet snowflakes late Thursday night in parts of Northern New England. And yes, that's a little over 24 hours after highs in the 60s.

Weird science.

The weekend looks pretty good at this point. We'll see more 60s return for Saturday before a cooler wind off the water backs us to the 50s Sunday.

And if you're wondering how long the warm pattern will hold, we have an answer for that too: perhaps until St. Patrick's Day. There's enough warmth stewing in the East to make a few runs at 70 or better, so keep those shorts and t-shirts on standby.

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