Emotions Boil Over as Market Basket Dispute Continues

Market Basket truck driver attempted an attack on protesters during rally inTewksbury

Four weeks into their fight to have ousted Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulus reinstated, employees and customers aren't showing signs of backing down.

At a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Friday night, supporters said the more push back they get, the stronger they become.

"I believe the workers should hold fast to their lines. That nothing should be done until ATD is reinstated," said one customer.

Hundreds of workers who were told to return to work by Friday or risk losing their jobs are ignoring the notice.

About 200 workers, including employees at the company's headquarters and distribution center, received the letter from Market Basket's executive offices.

Front end manager Jillian Murphy says hearing many of them having allowed the deadline to come and go is not surprising.

"We've been at this at the start and were not backing down. Nothing's changed from the beginning were not working for anyone other than ATD," said Murphy.

For the first time since protests began, emotions boiled out of hand during Friday's rally Tewksbury. Irritated truck driver, 27-year-old Ira Forbes, went after heckkling protesters armed with a hammer.

Police tackled Forbes before he was able to strike anyone with the hammer. Forbes, a native of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested on the spot. He was charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

Another rally is scheduled to take place Saturday morning in Tewksbury.

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