Mass. Chemical Spill Forces Shelter-in-Place

Firefighters, hazmat crews and a bomb squad were on high alert for several hours Thursday when a chemical spill forced residents to shelter in place in Wrentham, Massachusetts.

It started when a resident called police, saying there was a strong smell coming from a shed behind the home at 500 West St. The fire department soon discovered a chemical, likely a pesticide, had spilled.

The concern increased when they also found several blasting caps nearby.

Police tell necn there was a potential for an explosion or pesticide exposure.

Residents in the area were asked to stay in their home for several hours.

The owner of the home says he had no clue the dangerous items were there.

"We bought this house about 12 years ago and there's a shed on the property we've never cleared out. The previous owner died and left all the stuff in the shed," he said.

Overall, the homeowner says he's thankful the items were found and handled safely and that his wife and kids weren't injured.

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