Mass. RMV Announces New Inspection Sticker Protocols


Effective this month, Massachusetts residents who are late getting their vehicles inspected will no longer be issued stickers displaying the month the new inspection occurred.

Rather, stickers that expired last year will receive a January sticker of the current year the vehicle is being expected -- no matter the month the vehicle is inspected this year, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles announced earlier this week.

"Safety of the Commonwealth’s roadways is the most important reason for motor vehicle inspections," Registrar of Motor Vehicles Colleen Ogilvie said. “Vehicle owners are required to have the inspection done one year from the month the last inspection was done. We are asking all vehicle owners to place safety first and make sure to check your inspection date, and don’t be late."

There's no change in protocols for vehicle owners who get their cars inspected on time or before the due date, the RMV said.

The RMV also announced last month that vehicle owners will no longer get a printed inspection report when their car passes; rather, drivers can access the report online, the RMV said. Vehicles which fail inspection will still receive printed reports, the RMV said.

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