1 Arrested, 2 Sought in Apparent Home Invasion Attempt

One man has been arrested and two other suspects are being sought after an apparent home invasion attempt Wednesday afternoon in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

A resident of a home on Glen Road called police shortly before 1:30 p.m., saying two men were outside her home. She told police that her doorbell had rung, and that she did not answer because she thought the man at the door was a salesman. Then, she says, he walked around her house and a second man was dropped off by a vehicle.

Police believe one or both of those men made it into the home.

When an officer arrived, the suspects fled on foot. Police say one of them jumped out a second-floor window.

Christopher Chase, 34, of Lynn, was arrested at the Wellesley Farms commuter rail station. Investigators say he matched the description of one of the suspects and had outstanding warrants. He is charged with breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony and trespassing on a railway.

Officials are looking for two more male suspects. They say the suspects may have gone to other houses, lying about delivering a package. Anyone with information is asked to call (781) 235-1212.

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