2 Children Killed in Fire in Orange, Massachusetts

Two children are dead and three others are injured after a house fire broke out Saturday in Orange, Massachusetts.

Neighbors are heartbroken after the two young girls lost their lives at their home on Mechanic Street.

"Excellent kids," said neighbor Richard Snow. "Our kids played together."

Snow is short for words, with his mind is on his friends of two and half years, who live in the home across the street.

Saturday, he says, seemed like a normal day until he heard pain-filled screaming coming from outside.

"It was from the parents on the outside. They were screaming and we tried to get in, but we couldn't," he said. "By then, all the flames had just started blowing out the window."

Eight different fire departments battled the flames. Three other people inside the home were hospitalized for burns.

Snow says he was supposed to help the family assemble a trampoline for the kids. Now, looking at a the charred second floor is a harsh reality for him, as well as his neighbors.

"Devastating," Snow said. "It ain't gonna be the same. It won't be the same around here."

The cause remains under investigation.

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