2 Severely Injured After Crash in Framingham, Massachusetts

Two people have been hospitalized with severe injuries after a crash witnesses say involved two vehicles and a pedestrian Friday evening in Framingham, Massachusetts.

According to witnesses, a pickup truck ran into the back of the white SUV and hit a man who was on the sidewalk.

Fire officials confirmed that one patient had been airlifted to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and that another had been transported to the same hospital on the ground. Both sustained injuries that may be life-threatening.

Rainy Ferriere looked outside when she heard the crash.

"I saw two guys in the truck and they start yelling at one guy who was on the ground," she said. 'They start hitting the guy and kicking."

Ferriere says from what she saw, the two men from the truck had something against the man who was hit.

"The way the guys in the truck reacted - like hitting the guy and saying a lot of bad words - I felt like they had something with this guy," she explained.

Witnesses tell necn the two men from the truck took off on foot. Police began a search of the area and, with information from neighbors, tracked them down to a house a block away.

Some took pictures as one was taken into custody, and witness video shows a dog being sent in.

"They actually just surrounded," said Alexandrea White. "They were yelling to come out with their hands up. No shots were fired. They were armed and ready to go, though, if something did happen."

"There was cops all around. Guns already pointing. We figured something was happening," said Tashali Little. "Some guy in a Lakers jersey came out and he walked out with his hands up, and he was really calm, put something down, and they took him into custody right away."

State police sent K-9 and CSI units to assist Framingham Police in the search near the intersection of Grant Street and Howe Street.

At this point, there is no official word on what happened.

Stay with necn as this story develops.

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