Police Investigating Sudden Death of 2-Year-Old Girl

Police are investigating the sudden death of a two-year-old girl in Worcester, Massachusetts.

"I wanna freak, I wanna yell, I wanna cry," said Kris Posterro, who says he is the uncle of the young girl.

Investigators spent the night taking photos, combing through the second floor apartment she was found unresponsive in. Posterro says the child is named Gigi.

"She was a big tomboy. Loved her brother, loved her sister, loves her aunts and cousins. She was a very well-loved child. My sister, she's a great mother, and for this to happen is a very sad tragedy that we need to get to the bottom of and find out what the hell happened," he said.

Worcester Police say the child was discovered unresponsive around 11:30 Monday morning in an apartment on Wellington Street. The child's mother was home. A visitor says he called 911.

"When she came to me and I saw her, she was purple. She was pale. She was not responsive in the eyes. I was looking at her eyes and it look like the life was leaving her eyes," said Jonathan Santiago of Worcester.

Emergency responders tried to revive the girl. Despite their efforts, she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Throughout the day Monday, investigators entered and left the apartment. At one point woman and man left in tears.

Family and friends are in shock with many questions, because they say the child was healthy and just helped celebrate her sister's birthday Sunday.

Posterro says his sister and the children moved into this apartment to be with his mother.

"They were staying with them, trying to better themselves. Now we just got one more thing to push it back I guess," Posterro said.

The girl's cause of death is unknown pending autopsy. DCF is now involved in this case, but Posterro says he is unaware of DCF ever being involved with the family in the past.

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