3 Facing Charges in Connection to Uxbridge BB Gun Shooting

A teenager and two juveniles are facing charges in connection with a BB gun shooting earlier in the week in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

Authorities said in a Facebook post on Saturday that Samuel T. Patterson, 19, of Uxbridge, was charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, assault and battery on a party disabled with injury, and BB gun/air rifle discharge.

Police said two juvenile boys that were involved are also being charged.

Authorities said a suspect shot at an officer on Wednesday morning on Mendon Street. The shot did not hit the cruiser and police say it was probably because the suspect was holding the gun sideways.

When the officer turned around, the suspect ran off. Police say they couldn't find the suspect and that he was likely "tucked in nicely, covered up by his elmo blankey."

Police say there was been an uptick in these types of shooting in Uxbridge and surrounding towns.

It's unclear when the three suspects will appear in court to face charges.

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