3 New England Teams Among the Most Valuable

Boston Globe via Getty Images

It goes without saying that there's a lot of money in sports. But according to a list on Forbes, three New England franchises rank among the 21 most valuable.

The Patriots are the priciest team in the region, worth a reported $2.6 billion, tied for sixth place with the Boston Celtics' arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. Among NFL teams on the list, they trail only the Dallas Cowboys, ranked second overall at $3.2 billion.

The Red Sox, worth $2.1 billion, are tied for 12th with the New York Giants. The list says Boston is the third most valuable MLB team, behind the New York Yankees (ranked third, worth $3.2 billion) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (ninth, $2.4 billion).

Taking a step back to rebuild on the court has certainly not damaged the Celtics' value - they tied for 20th with the Chicago Bears and are worth a reported $1.7 billion. Only the Lakers, Knicks and Bulls are worth more among NBA teams.

Last year, the Celtics were worth just $875 million and were listed at No. 45. The Sox' value has also increased from $1.5 billion, though their place dropped a spot from 11th. The Pats improved from eigth place and a $1.8 billion value.

Real Madrid topped off this year's list at $3.26 billion.

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