Fire Rips Through Condos in Boston's Charlestown Neighborhood

Firefighters battled flames and thick smoke in 90 degree heat

A massive fire ripped through condominiums Thursday in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, displacing residents of 13 units.

The blaze on Bunker Hill Street broke out around 1:45 p.m., and it moved fast.

"The difficulty is finding the families right now because most of them are actually at work," said Luis Matnago of the Red Cross, which is supplying food, clothing and shelter in the basement of St. Francis Church.

The fire caused millions of dollars in damage, according to Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn. One building was a total loss, and at least one more was significantly damaged.

"My heart goes out to them," said Christine Wolff. "It's terrible."

Six alarms were struck for the blaze, but officials say embers flew from it and burned two more buildings across the street. While Finn referred to that blaze as "superficial," another alarm was ordered to keep it under control.

First responders had to battle flames and thick smoke in 90 degree heat.

No residents were injured. One firefighter was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for heat exhaustion, and another was treated on the scene for the same thing. In total, 120 firefighters responded.

At one point, there was a mayday call, with two firefighters in trouble. They evacuated from one roof onto another roof, where they were found.

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