Breeder Surrenders 45 Cats to MSPCA, Shelter Seeking Fur-Ever Homes for Felines

Despite living in "dirty and over-crowded" conditions, most of the cats are in overall good health and are friendly

The MSPCA is looking for animal lovers interested in adopting a feline after 45 Ragdoll cats were surrendered in what officials at the Boston shelter say is the most cats surrendered from a single home in five years.

"What started out as a small and manageable breeding operation quickly got out of hand as the cats began multiplying, which made it impossible for the former owner to meet their health and socialization needs," said Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs at MSPCA-Angell, in a statement.

The non-profit said it took in 14 male and 31 female purebred Ragdolls Tuesday from a central Massachusetts home that was described as "dirty and over-crowded."

Despite living in a home that wasn’t equipped to house that many cats, the animals are said to "appear in good health," according to the MSPCA. Ranging from ages 4 to 14, the cats are described as "very friendly" and because of their overall good health, some of them can be moved into new homes immediately.

About half of the cats do need extensive dental work, however. And three require medical attention for mammary tumors.

The former owner, whose name has not been released and who will not face charges, voluntarily surrendered the cats. She will be able to keep a small number of cats and have access to resources to take care of them.

The MSPCA’s Jamaica Plain animal shelter will house 23 of the cats and the rest will be available at Nevins Farm in Methuen. Anyone interested in adopting one is encouraged to visit those two shelters.

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