5-Year-Old Bitten by Black Widow Spider

A 5-year-old girl is recovering at her home in Massachusetts after being bitten by a black widow spider. 

Kristine Donovan says she noticed a bruise on her daughter Kailyn's leg a week ago. The bruise grew larger, which led Donovan to take her daughter to a pediatrician. 

Donovan says doctors first prescribed antibiotics. Those had no affect, leading doctors to recommend taking Kailyn to the emergency room. 

It was there where doctors confirmed the bruise was actually necrosis from a black widow spider's venom. 

Dr. William Durbin tells the Boston Globe the girl's wound is superficial, and he expects her to make a full recovery. 

While it is uncommon to find black widow spiders in Massachusetts, Durbin says "they are around."

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