500 Roxbury Residents Without Heat on Christmas Due to Gas Leak

While many families are waking up on Tuesday to celebrate Christmas, approximately 500 people in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood are dealing with a lack of gas in their homes due to a leak that occurred last week.

Eleven buildings that house those 500 residents were affected by Friday’s gas leak at the Academy Homes on Columbus Avenue. Officials said about 200 apartments connect to one gas meter, which crews have been working on since the leak.

"All we know is that there has been a gas leak," Rohan Roe, who lives in one of the affected apartments, said. "They got a high reading in one of the apartments."

"We've always been the type to roll with the punches," resident Darren Cruz said. "That’s what we’re going to have to do. We don't have much of a choice."

Residents were given portable heaters and hot plates while crews fix the issue. Those affected by the gas leak have been promised one hot meal a day.

Amanda Miles' mother lives in an apartment at the Academy Homes.

"Earlier she just told me that it felt better outside than it actually did inside of her own apartment," Miles said.

As of Monday, 70 workers replaced 500 valves. The cause of the leak remains under investigation.

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