Marc Fortier

6-Year-Old Catches Great White Shark While Fishing Off Cape Cod

After snapping a photo, the boy's family cut the line and let the shark swim off

A 6-year-old boy caught a great white shark off Cape Cod while fishing on Saturday.

According to the Cape Cod Times, Blake White and his family were fishing off Rock Harbor in Eastham on Saturday afternoon when he hooked the 10-12 foot long shark.

"Daddy couldn't pull it at all," said Blake White. "All it was doing was pulling line out."

They originally thought Blake had caught a striped bass, and were stunned to see that it was a shark when it finally surfaced after an hour-long struggle.

"When I could see the outline of the shark on the railing I asked them to go to the center of the boat and sit down," said father Lars White. "I got a little nervous."

After snapping a photo, the family cut the line and the shark swam off.

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